Welcome to Xiamen Google Developer Group (GDG Xiamen)! 

We are the developers, college students and professors, and business managers in the beautiful coast city of Xiamen, China, who are interested in learning and using Google technologies to build new products and services on Internet and on mobile platforms. This is an open and free community, and anyone can join. We aim to lean new Google technologies, Open Source, open web standards, by helping each other, sharing our development experiences through many leaning events, to promote innovation, business start-up for Internet and mobile applications.  Come join us for the opportunity to learn from each other in this open community, and to learn, share, and innovate!


欢迎你来到厦门谷歌开发者社区! 我们是来自中国南方美丽的沿海城市厦门的开发者们、大学生们和高校教师们、以及企业经理们,我们爱好学习和利用各种谷歌开发技术,去开发基于互联网和移动应用平台上的各种新产品和新型商业服务和创新。 我们是一个开放和自由的社区,任何人都可以来加入。我们的目标是通过举办各种互相帮助和分享的活动,交流开发心得和经验,学习各种谷歌开发技术、开源代码技术、公开网络标准技术等等,来推动互联网应用和移动应用的创新和创业。 欢迎你来加入我们这个开放的社区,一起进行学习、分享、创新!  

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